Loop Junior Fall Prevention Community of Practice

How did the Fall Prevention Community of Practice start?

The Fall Prevention Community of Practice (CoP), originally sponsored by the Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation and currently sponsored by Parachute, came together in 2010 to exchange information on how to create supportive communities where adults maintain their independence through fall prevention.

A CoP is “a group of people who share a concern, a set of problems, or a passion about a topic, and who deepen their knowledge and expertise in this area by interacting on an ongoing basis.”

The Fall Prevention CoP brings together practitioners, caregivers, researchers and policy planners committed to support and learn from one another and to develop new knowledge to advance the field of fall prevention.

What is Loop Junior?

Loop, created in 2015, is the bilingual online communication platform of the CoP that brings together members from across Canada to problem-solve and discuss how to implement evidence-informed and promising fall prevention practices. In 2018, Loop Junior was created. The primary difference between Loop and Loop Junior is the population of focus and thereby the different stakeholders involved – Loop focuses on fall prevention among adults and older adults while Loop Junior seeks to tackle the issue of childhood falls.

Loop's Mission:

The Fall Prevention Community of Practice supports its members to build capacity in the prevention of falls and fall-related injuries. This is achieved through knowledge sharing, networking, and implementation support for evidence-informed practices.   

How does Loop Junior work?

Loop Junior is a no-cost platform that enables its members, the intermediaries who work with parents and children, to innovate, learn, share, and implement.

Adapted from: Health Quality Ontario. (2017). Improvement Through Collaboration: How to Build and Sustain a Community of Practice.
Adapted from: Health Quality Ontario. (2017). Improvement Through Collaboration: How to Build and Sustain a Community of Practice.

What does Loop offer?

  • Webinar recordings: Education opportunities on fall prevention research, policy and practice.
  • Discussion Forums: Where members can ask questions; gain practical, how-to advice; share information to inform their fall prevention practice and research.
  • Event Calendar: Where members can feature their own fall prevention events and find out about relevant webinars and conferences.
  • Knowledge Centre: Where members can access evidence summaries on various fall prevention topics.
  • Private Groups: Where members can collaborate in private and on specific fall prevention projects and initiatives.
  • Networking Opportunities: Where members can develop lasting relationships with other members across disciplines, sectors and Canada.
  • Tutorial Videos on Loop Junior Features: Where members can learn how to use Loop Junior services and functions efficiently.

For a list of reputable sources for information and resources on childhood fall prevention and safety, go to: https://jr.fallsloop.com/reputable-sources 

Loop is a non-profit initiative for knowledge and information sharing. We are pleased to share knowledge and information with the private sector, but for-profit products and services cannot be endorsed or promoted on Loop or Loop Junior, either through discussion posts or messages to other members.